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How to chain-coil your towline so that it is easy to use, adjustable in length and attractive. Also called chain sennit or daisy-chaining. It's very easy. Just make a loop in the rope close to the point where it is attached to your tow belt, then tuck a second tight little loop through the first, a third through the second, and so on.

Chain coiling 1

Chain coiling 2

Chain coiling 3

Chain coiling 4

Chain coiling 5

Chain coiling 6

Carry on until you run out of rope. Then finish off by slipping the end of the towline through the final loop. If you like, tie a figure 8 loop in the end before tucking the rope into the pouch on your tow belt.

Chain coiling 7


How to tie a double fishermans, to make a lanyard or rig attractive decklines:

Tying double fishermans knot

Then pull until the two knots press against each other.


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