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Gifts for sea kayakers

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Gifts for sea kayakers


Sea-theme necklace by OrshiKayarchy T-shirts, bags, etc

Kayarchy has its own range of T-shirts, hoodies, bags, cushions, mugs, stickers, journals and notebooks - click here to find out more.

Crafts, jewellery, etc

Do you make hats, T-shirts, greetings cards or jewellery with a maritime theme? Set out your stall here, free. Send in an image of your product(s) as a JPG or GIF of up to 280 pixels wide by 210 high, and up to 10 kb; a description in up to 12 words; typical price; typical cost of delivery; and your website URL or e-mail address. Ours is at Get In Touch.

We particularly like products that are durable and made with renewable resources, and/or likely to make people identify more strongly with the coastal environment.

Kayaking and environmental books

We're also very happy to put up a photo and brief description (see above) of self-published books with a "kayaking" or "marine environment" theme.

• Qajaq USA sells some sea kayaking books and publications including "The Little Kayak Book" by John Brand. Order online from www.qajaqusa.org
• Anybody else?

For a list of some specialist commercial publishers, see Books & Magazines. See also Paul Caffyn's list of many past and present books relevant to sea kayaking.

Online shops of environmental charities

Give nice gifts and support environmental charities at the same time.

• Hebridean Whale & Dolphin Trust, Tobermory, Scotland. Website at www.whaledolphintrust.co.uk has an online shop with books, DVDs, posters, clothing and other things.

• Marine Conservation Society. Website at www.mcsuk.org includes an online shop with books, greetings cards, shopping bags, and dive slates for making notes underwater.




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