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Sea kayak crossing over wave






accessories for a kayak, essential
accessories for a kayak, almost essential
accessories for a kayak, other
accessories, how to fit
Adirondack Guideboat, use at sea
air bags for flotation
air travel with a kayak
anorak / cag / tuiliq / dry top


barbecue, beach
bearings - see navigation
bilge, round
bivouac bag for camping
bothy / group shelter
brace strokes - see technique
breaking in/ breaking out - see technique
breathable & other fabrics - see fabrics
bulkheads & hatches
buoyancy aid / PFD / lifejacket
buoyancy bags
buoys - see navigation


C to C roll
cag / anorak / tuiliq / dry top
camping & camp cooking
camping mattress as a survival aid
canoe, birchbark
canoe, Canadian
canoe, outrigger
carbon-kevlar kayaks
cardinal mark
cart, kayak
charts - see navigation
checklists of equipment
child protection laws
child, kayak dimensions for
children, sea kayaking for
chine hull, hard chine and multi-chine
clothing for kayaking
clothing, caring for
clouds, weather prediction from
coaming, cockpit
cockpit design
cockpit pod
cold air, effect of
cold water, effect of
collisions at sea, avoiding
colour of your paddles
compass, deck or hand-held
compass, using a - see navigation
compass rose
composite construction
composites, sustainable
contact lenses
contact tow
cooking on expedition
Coremat / Spheretex - see sandwich construction
cost of sea kayaking equipment
counter-current / eddy
Curl, the - see technique, rescue
currach or curragh
current atlas (tidal stream atlas)
currents, non-tidal
currents, tidal - see tidal streams


deck bag
deck compass
deck lines
deck lines for traditional kayaks
deep-water rescues - see technique
dinghies, sailing, use at sea
distress signals, VHF radio
distress signals, flares & smoke
distress signals, EPIRBs
distress signals, fluorescein marker dye
distress signals, mobile phone
distress signals, satellite personal tracker
distress signals, satellite phone
distress signals, signal mirror/ heliograph
distress signals, whistle
distress signals, xenon strobe light
draw strokes - see technique
dry bags
dry top
dry suit
dumper waves / shorebreak
dye marker, fluorescein


eddy / counter-current
edging & leaning - see technique
emergencies - see technique, rescue, and see distress signals
environment, protecting the
EPIRB (emergency position indicating radio beacon)
epoxy & polyester resins for laminating
epoxy & polyester resins for repairs
epoxy encapsulation for wood kayaks
equipment checklists
equipment, caring for
Eskimo, not a popular word in Greenland
estuary, currents within an
estuary, mud problems at low tide
estuary, rising tide hazard
estuary, tidal bore wave within
estuary, tidal variation within
expedition cooking
expedition kayak
expedition, equipment for


fabrics, base layer
fabrics, breathable & non-breathable
fabrics, natural
fabrics, synthetic fleece
fabrics, thermal stretch
fabrics, wetsuit material
fabrics for SOF kayak skin
feather - see paddle
ferry glides - see technique
fibreglass kayaks
fibre-pile clothing, synthetic
fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP)
filter for drinking water
fire, beach
First Aid
First Aid kit, large
First Aid kit, small
fishing from your kayak
flares, distress
fleece clothing, synthetic
float bags
float plan to be left ashore
flood tide, direction of
flotation for kayak, additional
fluorescein marker dye
foam for kayak buoyancy
folding kayak
foot rest / foot brace
footwear, wetsuit boots
FRP (fibre-reinforced plastic)
"fuzzy rubber" clothing


gasp reflex
glassfibre kayaks
glass-reinforced plastic (GRP)
Gore-Tex - see fabrics, breathable & non-breathable
GPS satellite navigation
graphite - see carbon
Greenland - some history
Greenland - population
Greenland - the kayak
Greenland - the paddle
Greenland - the storm paddle
Greenland paddle, using a
group shelter /bothy
GRP (glass-reinforced plastic)


Hand of God rescue
hand roll - see technique, rolling
hard chine hull
hatches & bulkheads
Hawaiian outrigger canoe
hazards, bacterial infection
hazards, big surf
hazards, big swell breaking on reef or sand bar
hazards, cold shock
hazards, fish & jellyfish stings
hazards, fog
hazards, getting run over
hazards, heavy lifting
hazards, high winds
hazards, holes/ hydraulics
hazards, hypothermia
hazards, imaginary
hazards, jellyfish & fish stings
hazards, lee shore
hazards, military firing ranges
hazards, stopper waves
hazards, strong currents
hazards, tide races & overfalls
hazards, whirlpools
hazards, wind over tide conditions
health & safety - see injuries, below
health & safety vs. carrying minimum equipment
heliograph /signal mirror
high brace - see technique
high recovery - see technique
hip flick / hip snap - see technique
horizon, distance to - see navigation
husky tow

I, J  

inflatable buoyancy bags
inflatable float bags
inflatable kayak
inflatable paddle float
injuries, bacterial infection
injuries, cold shock
injuries, dislocated shoulder
injuries, hand & arm over-use syndromes
injuries, heavy lifting
injuries, hypothermia
insects, biting


kayak for daytrips
kayak for expeditions
kayak for high speeds
kayak for light weight
kayak for man, woman, child
kayak for travel by air
kayak other than a sea kayak - ocean racing skis
kayak other than a sea kayak - playboats
kayak other than a sea kayak - surf machines
kayak other than a sea kayak - general purpose boats
kayak, additional flotation for
kayak, back support for
kayak, baidarka & canoe defined
kayak, building your own - fibreglass
kayak, building your own - plywood
kayak, building your own - skin-on-frame (SOF)
kayak, building your own - strip plank
kayak, carrying your
kayak cart
kayak, cockpit pod for
kayak, construction - fibre-reinforced plastic
kayak, construction - plastic sandwich materials
kayak, construction - wood
kayak, construction - polyethylene
kayak, deck lines for
kayak, dimensions, maximum & minimum
kayak, double
kayak, fitting accessories to
kayak, folding
kayak, footrest for
kayak, Greenland style
kayak, hatches & bulkheads for
kayak, high or low rocker
kayak, high or low volume
kayak, how to choose a
kayak, inflatable
kayak, maintenance of
kayak, patching a leaking
kayak, pump for
kayak, repairing a
kayak, rolling - see technique
kayak, rudder or skeg for
kayak, sea sock for
kayak, seat for
kayak, shape of hull, displacement vs. planing
kayak, shape of hull, hard chine and multi-chine
kayak, shape of hull, round bilge
kayak, sit-on-top
kayak, skeg or rudder for
kayak, stability of
kayak, traditional design vs. radical design
kayak, traditional, building
kayak, traditional, deck lines for
kayak, traditional, offshore safety
kayak, trolley for
kayak, two-person / tandem / double
kayaking safely
kevlar-carbon kayaks
kidology - safe, fun kayaking for children
kite sailing rigs for canoes & kayaks
knee box / knee tube
knots & nautical miles
knots, tying appropriate


launching your kayak
law & the kayaker
legal requirements
lifejacket or buoyancy aid
lifesaving, using kayak for
lights & torches
links to other websites
loop, forward (pitchpole)
low brace - see technique
Lyme Bay kayaking tragedy


magnetic variation - see navigation
mammalian diving reflex
man, kayak dimensions for
manual handling & kayaks
masik, part of skin-on-frame kayak
midges & mosquitos
mile, the nautical
mosquitos & midges
mud & quicksand
MVT (breathable) fabrics


navigation chapter contents
navigation - bearings, headings, reciprocals
navigation - buoys & lights
navigation - chart, reading a
navigation - chart datum
navigation - chart scale
navigation - compass, using a
navigation - compass rose
navigation - co-ordinates
navigation - equipment for chartwork
navigation - horizon, distance to
navigation - kayak speed
navigation - latitude & longitude
navigation - leeway
navigation - lights & buoys
navigation - magnetic deviation
navigation - magnetic variation
navigation - marks visible by day
navigation - marks visible by night
navigation - measuring distance
navigation - nautical miles
navigation - night navigation
navigation - north, true/magnetic/cartographic
navigation - ranges/transits
navigation - tidal diamonds
navigation - tidal streams, adjusting for
navigation - tidal streams, using
navigation - tools & instruments
navigation - transits/ranges
navigation - wind, adjusting for
neoprene foam wetsuit material
night navigation marks
night, kayaking at
norsaq throwing stick
north, true & magnetic - see navigation


outrigger canoe
overfalls & tide races

P, Q  

paddle, European type
paddle, Greenland & Aleut type
paddle blades, asymmetric
paddle blades, feathered
paddle, materials for
paddle, spare
paddle float
paddle float, self-rescue with a
paddle strokes - see contents of technique chapter
Pawlata roll - see technique
pearl dive, pearling
personal buoyancy
PFD - see buoyancy aid
pilot guide
pirouette or dry loop - see surf
pitchpole (forward loop)
plywood kayak construction
polyester & epoxy resins for laminating
polyester & epoxy resins for repairs
polyethylene (PE) foam
polyethylene kayaks
port / starboard
pump, built-in or portable
pyrotechnics, distress flares & smoke
quicksand & mud


racing sea kayaks
rafting up
ranges / transits - see navigation
recovery strokes - see technique
repair kit, contents of large
repair kit, contents of small
repairing an FRP kayak on the beach
rescue outrigger
rescues, deep-water - see technique, rescue
resins for laminating, epoxy & polyester
resins for repairs, epoxy & polyester
reverse screw roll - see technique, roll
rip current
risk assessment
rocker, factor in hull design
roll, kayak - see technique, roll
roof rack tie-downs
roof racks
rowing boats, small, seaworthy
rowing-sailing boats, seaworthy


sailing boats, small but seaworthy
sailing canoes for exposed waters
sailing canoes for sheltered waters
sailing rigs for kayaks & canoes
sandwich construction, composite kayaks
sandwich construction, plastic kayaks
satellite messenger device
satellite navigation (GPS) devices
satellite phones
scarf joint
screw roll
sculling draw stroke - see technique
sculling for support - see technique
sea, currents in the
sea kayak - see kayak
sea, life in the
sea temperatures
sea, tides in the
sea, waves in the
sea, wind & the
sea sock
sea state
seal landing
seal launch
seal, 'abandoned' baby
seal, drysuit
Shipping Forecast
shopping, where to buy sea kayaking goods
shorebreak / dumper waves
signal mirror/ heliograph
sit-on-top kayak
ski, ocean racing
ski, wave ski
skin-on-frame (SOF) kayaks
skin-on-frame (SOF) kayaks and offshore safety
sleeping pad as a survival aid
sling for deep-water rescue
SOF (skin-on-frame) kayaks
SOF (skin-on-frame) kayaks & offshore safety
solo kayaking
solo kayaking, self-rescue
Spheretex / Coremat - see sandwich construction
stability of kayaks
standing waves
starboard / port
stern rudder - see technique
Steyr roll - see technique
stirrup for deep-water rescue
stitch-and-glue plywood construction
strip-plank wood construction
strobe lights
strokes - see contents of technique chapter
surf kayaks & wave skis
surf technique
surf, bongo slide / broached run
surf, avoiding conflict with board surfers
surf, coping with big
surf, finding good
surf, looping in
surf, pearl dive
surf, pirouette or dry loop

surfing a sea kayak
surfing a surf kayak
survival aid - camping mattress / sleeping pad
survival aid - group shelter
survival aid - survival bag
sustainable composites
sweep strokes - see technique

T, U  

T-rescue - see technique, rescue
tack-and-tape plywood construction
technique chapter contents
technique, capsizing & wet exit
technique, carrying your kayak
technique, draw stroke
technique, edging & leaning
technique, emptying a kayak
technique, extended grip for paddling and rolling
technique, fast-moving water
technique, ferry glide
technique, getting into your kayak
technique, hanging draw stroke
technique, high brace
technique, high recovery support stroke
technique, hip flick / hip snap
technique, low brace & low brace turn
technique, low recovery support stroke
technique, paddling backwards
technique, paddling forwards
technique, rafting up
technique, rescue, emptying a flooded kayak
technique, rescue, kayaker-to-kayaker
technique, rescue, kayaker-to-swimmer
technique, rescue, self-rescue
technique, rescue, swimmer-to-kayaker
technique, roll, C-to-C
technique, roll, hand
technique, roll, Pawlata
technique, roll, reverse screw / sweep
technique, roll, screw / sweep
technique, roll, Steyr
technique, sculling brace
technique, sculling draw stroke
technique, sculling for support
technique, stern brace
technique, stern rudder
technique, support strokes
technique, surfing - see surf
technique, sweep strokes
technique, towing
temperatures, air
temperatures, sea
thermal stretch clothing
tidal diamonds - see navigation
tidal plots - see navigation
tidal stream atlas
tidal streams
tidal streams, crossing a strong current
tidal streams, extremes around the world
tidal streams, going against a strong current
tide races, rips & overfalls
tide tables
tide, equinoctial
tide, spring and neap
tide, the nature of
tide, the daily tidal cycle
tide, the tidal range
tide, tidal bore or eagre
torches & lights
towing - the technique
towing - the tow belt
towing - the towing cleat
transits/ ranges - see navigation
T-rescue - see technique, rescue
trip plan to leave ashore
trolley for kayak
tuiliq / anorak / cag / dry top
TX-rescue - see technique, rescue


Ventile - see fabrics, natural
VHF radio
volume, factor in hull design


water, drinking, filter for
waves in general (reflection, refraction, clapotis, wave shadow, etc)
waves at the beach - see surf
waves, standing
weather forecasts online and by radio
weather, predicting the
weathercocking in side winds
WEST (wood epoxy saturation technology)
wetsuit boots
wetsuit material (neoprene foam)
wildlife, protecting
wind strength & its effect on kayakers
wind, the effect of landscape
wind-against-tide conditions
woman, kayak dimensions for
wood kayak, building a
wood kayak, protecting


X-rescue - see technique, rescue
yachting & sea kayaking compared




Kayaker heading away



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